Our typical helicopter tour accommodates four passengers.
If your group is smaller, we will be happy to coordinate your outing with another small group.

There is so much to discover from the air above the Alps. Spectacular vistas take in brilliant mountain lakes and towering glaciers, dramatic rock formations, crevasses, and moraines, charming narrow gauge railways, and remote Alpine villages.

These once-in-a-lifetime views will inspire you. Be sure to bring your camera!

Environmental Protection
  1. The Alpine environment is a special gift. To help preserve its beauty and tranquility, we do not offer or support mass tourism. Our flights are limited to 20 per year.
  2. To further minimize our impact, we fly the Eurocopter EC120, the most silent helicopter made.
  3. Naturally, all official flight levels are respected. Altitude is increased over sensitive and protected areas.

Board and lift off !
Ready for take off

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