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June, 12th 2011
Thank you so much Martin.
It was an incredible experience all round. The scenery was spectacular and it was amazing to gain a bird’s eye view of the Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn and so many more when previously we’ve only ever gazed up at them from the ground. Your expertise in manoeuvring the helicopter smoothly around the Alps (and the clouds) to give us incredible views was outstanding. It was also fascinating to fly over so many familiar places on the return leg of the flight along the length of Lake Maggiore and see them from a totally different perspective. We would thoroughly recommend you to anyone wanting a new and exciting experience.
Richard & Vicky Marshall (Biel, Switzerland)

July, 15th 2010
Hi Martin
After being cancelled yesterday we had our Matterhorn flight this morning.
Is was absolutely amazing and we are so happy we did it. Igor was a great guide and was also very good at keeping us updated as conditioned changed yesterday and today.
Thanks again - the service and product from you is very very good.
Best regards
Jennifer and Mads (Australia)

July, 24th 2008
We are just coming out of a forty minute tour which left us extatic... The weather was perfect, the tour was very nicely and adequately suggested by our pilot, Martin, who guided us through this magical tour... Above mountains, around the Borromee Islands, along most beautiful italian villas...
Thank you again for this moment ! A great memory of superb surroundings ! We'll come back for the Alps !
Marc Bourland (UK)

July, 19th 2008
It was just an idea to experience something new and see the landscape around Lago Maggiore from different perspective - from the air. I found the answer at the airport - heliport in Locarno and took this helicopter tour. It is amazing from the first moment when the helicopter takes off the ground. Suddenly you are flying above the houses of Locarno still trying to adopt to the helicopter's movement. You actually don't feel the speed of the helicopter and you are too busy watching around and trying to remember the scenes you see - the mountains and canyons, small villages, towns at the lake shore, magnificent view on the Borromean islands and the lake crisscrossed with boats and more ...
It is a fantastic experience and when you land again in Locarno it feels too short.
Darja L. (SLO)

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