The Helicopter

The Eurocopter EC120 is a thoroughly modern craft, with a spacious, air-conditioned cabin. Extensive glasswork gives all passengers breathtaking panoramic views.

Powered by an exceptionally quiet, 500 HP jet engine, the EC120 crosses mountaintops at over 250KPH.

All our pilots have at least 10 years of Alpine helicopter experience. They boast the technical expertise and superior judgment to deliver a ride that is both utterly thrilling, and comprehensively safe. Our fleet is listed and maintained in Switzerland, to the highest mechanical standards.

All our flights are non-commercial, per Swiss national law (Art. 100 LFV.) Passengers and third parties are protected by a combined single limit insurance policy, to over CHF 10 Million (examined August 1, 2018.)

Approach for landing
Eurocopter EC120

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